David Morgan-Davies

Following my show Lost in Transition at the Searchers Gallery in May I am excited to be joining The Searchers group of artists back at the gallery in August for ‘Tumbleweed’; the first in a series of group shows in Bristol the South West & London.

13-28 August 2013
The Searchers Group of Artists

An exhibition of painting, drawing, collage, ceramic, sculpture & photography

Stephen Buckeridge | Dave Morgan-Davies | Tony Eastman | Michael Hayter | Brendan Lancaster | Stuart Low | Joe Tymkow | Alexander Korzer-Robinson | Maggie Royle | Ruth Piper | Jess Woodrow

Preview: Tuesday 13 August 6-9pm

Tumbleweed v2


The Searchers contemporary ‘One Year Gallery Project’ was opened in Bristol by practicing artist and exhibition maker Ruth Piper in September 2012. The gallery program focus’s on a rich seam of contemporary art in all its forms, providing a commercial venue with curated shows including artists from Bristol and London; in particular those whose work side steps fashion and conveys a deeply felt personal engagement with their materials and subject matter.

It was John Ford’s classic western ‘The Searchers’ that inspired the title for the gallery. Obsessive and curious by nature artists travel alone, searching through unfamiliar territory, hoping for fresh insights & new configurations.