David Morgan-Davies

What you see is what you see‘ – a solo exhibition of ‘quiet photography’ at Motorcade/FlashParade for the Bristol Photography Festival (17th – 27th May 2012).

inner glow i – giclée print (51cm x 76 cm), dibond mounted

A short film that documents the exhibition.

What you see is what you see from David Morgan-Davies on Vimeo.

Some still images and thoughts left by visitors to the exhibition:

‘dividing line 2012’

Animated image / DVD







‘sandset i & ii’

Giclee prints, aluminium mounted, 18″ x 12″




‘A beautiful exhibition, clean pure and spare’ …

‘inner glow i & ii’

Giclee prints, block mounted
30″ x 20″






‘heavy weather i, ii, iii, iv’
Giclee prints, aluminium mounted, 18″ x 12″





‘Love the darkness’….

‘another world i, ii & iii’
Floating acrylic Giclee prints, framed 16″ x 16″







‘through the’, ‘living space’
Giclee prints, aluminium mounted 30″ x 20″

leaf light i’
Floating acrylic Giclee print, framed 30″ x 20″

‘Excellent inspiring work.  Great food for thought’….


‘into the trees i & ii’
Giclee prints, aluminium mounted
40″ x 26″

‘we’ve landed’, ‘point of view’
Giclee prints, aluminium mounted
26″ x 20″

‘Pushing a new way to perceive landscape’



‘sea farm’
Projected Lightjet FujiClear print


‘Impressive, original and atmospheric’….




‘city rising i’, ‘lakeland light’, ‘up in the air’
Giclee prints, aluminium mounted, 40″ x 26″



‘A moving show’….      ‘Flawlessly executed’….