David Morgan-Davies

Sea Change2015

This work has evolved from my 'quiet photography', which has always veered towards the abstract; it is never figurative. I have always liked to use layers, either created by weather patterns or shooting through man-made materials. Although the graphical motif used to drive 'Sea Change' is inspired by minimalism and geometric abstraction, it was copied from a safety glass panel found in an office I worked in. I refer to the motif as 'Safety First'. The work deals with the balance between personal freedom and restraint. The 'Sea Change' film loop aims to re-imagine the tidal rhythms of West Wales. It was made by animating hundreds of images made from combinations of the two original pinhole images and the 'Safety First' motif. The 2D pieces are images made as part of this process. 'Watermark' uses a digital pin-hole image viewing Marloes Sands from a wider perspective.